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Serato Sticker Lock Vinyl 12" Control Vinyl (Pair, Clear)

Single-sided Serato Control Vinyl 12" pair in clear, with special marker stickers in multiple colors.

Following suggestions from DJs from the unknown to the (actual) greatest, Serato has created the new Sticker Lock record to provide the best quality Clear Serato control discs, with an array of stickers in colors that pop in eye-catching colors. This provides easy visual access to your cue points for your juggling/scratch routine. The stickers are in strips and spots, and can be coded with the RGB values on your cue buttons (hardware dependent). The Serato Control Vinyl 2.5 performance vinyl features our re-mastered Serato NoiseMap™ Control Tone that is 6db louder than earlier pressings, allowing for precise tracking, better vinyl wear and the most authentic feeling digital vinyl experience on the market.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Saikat M.

Great purchase

Pizzle M.L.F.
New favorite serato records

Firstly, these records are really light. Probably because only one side of the vinyl actually has the timecode on it. Setup was simple, used the abs mode way to find absolute zero and marked it there. I use butter rugs slipmats so the sticker shows up nicely and since the long stickers are kinda thin, you can hit precise areas on the records. Other than that, they are serato records, they operate the same as others, but if you want just a different pair of records and don't mind just being able to use one side of the vinyl, definitely pick these up. Sticker lock or not, I think you will enjoy them


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