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RANE DJ MAG Four | Replacement Fader

RANE DJ MAG Four Contactless Replacement Fader 

Compatibility : Rane 70, Rane 72 & Rane 72 MKII Mixers. 

  • DJ Performance Driven Design – Ultra light contactless cross fader technology for smooth and silent performance
  • Winning Heritage – Compatible with the RANE SEVENTY, SEVENTY-TWO and SEVENTY-TWO MKII DJ Mixers used by high-profile DJ’s at DMC, RedBull 3Style and the Goldies
  • Precision Engineered - RANE Patented Magnetic position sensing technology with additional HAL sensor for increased accuracy
  • Customizable for the Perfect Feel - User customizable force magnet tension adjust; Digital endpoint user adjustable accuracy; Dual High Polished mirror finish rods for the smoothest performances
  • All accessories included - Ultra-Wide fader Tang to handle high performance activity; Exclusive RANE custom sculpted fader caps; DeoxITFaderLube F100 included


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