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Mini Innofader Pro | Numark PT-01 Scratch

New Innofader Pro! Replacement fader for any DJ Mixer with innofader built-in.

Compatible with: Numark PT-01 scratch.

Easy Install: Plug and play (No calibration required)

Works as a replacement fader for DJ Mixer’s with innofader built into the mixer. Sharper cut and more accuracy as opposed to the stock innofader built into most innofader related dj mixers.

The Audio Innovate Mini Innofader Pro offers unparalleled precision and adjustability. It can respond to DJ movements in less than a millisecond. And now the fader itself can be adjusted by controls on the front panel using innoJUSTER style controls. Previously such controls might be able to add dead space but would never go below 1mm or so. With the added controls, DJs can get the dead space down to 0.1mm for super tight and fast cuts, or go to 1mm or so for clean beat juggling.



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