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Crosley RSD2020 Mini 3" Turntable Clear "Limited Edition"


Only a limited amount of these are made so order before they're all sold out!

Record Store Day and Urban Outfitters are releasing a limited edition riff on the RSD3 mini-turntable, refreshed for 2020. The RSD2020 mini-turntable is made of transparent acrylic, allowing the inner workings of the turntable to be fully visible. An RSD2020 exclusive bundle containing the RSD2020 clear mini-turntable and two 3” colored vinyl Post Malone hit singles will be available at both participating Record Store Day record stores and online at Urban Outfitters. The indie record store exclusive bundle includes “Goodbyes” and “Saint Tropez” on 3” colored vinyl. 

Phase 3D Pucks could you purchased here!

RSD2020 Demo w/ Dstrukt

 Unboxing with Dstrukt


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