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JDDX2R External Scratch Fader | Jesse Dean Designs

OG Black
Murdered Out
Hi-Roller White
Icy Blue

JDDX2R External Fader
Colors: OG Black 
Icey Blue | Murdered Out Black | Hi-Roller White : Are now discontinued. 
  • Dual 45mm rails
  • Cuts on BOTH sides
  • Custom engineered No ware fader element
  • Aux input
  • Full stereo
  • Full size fader cap by COOLOR CAPS
  • Made in US


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I bought three and have only received one

Where are my other 2 orders. Shipping tracking was horrible inaccurate and non functioning. Please do better. I need my order completed.

paul p.d.
portable surgeon's scalpel!

I was at first very skeptical about this portable fader i, so be it in the past, I used the regular raiden fader and stoyko "cutter" ...(along with the oeruvian killer fader), and a makeshift portable fader from reknown Thierry Alari... of the portable turntablle series of yesteryear...and this really surprised me as a solid ,buttery smooth, well constructed, affordable gem. It ranks very high amongst the now infamously famous innofader portable faders that are and have been out for sometime..along with the older discontinued "raidenfader" fx-2" portable crossfader for durability, smooth "feel" and great as fff "cut in" time excursion ,great "rail" technology... and fast response time...and great ingenuity of cutting on both sides...(for us hamsters!)...(oh shut up!)....I had a raidenfader fader fx-2 portable crossfader sometime ago but if I remember correctly, (in between my transient ischemic attacks) did not cut on both had to invert it if doing the "hamster" thing...AND..It can be a pain to calibrate!...I believe there still may be a you tube tutorial on how to calibrate. ALSO AGAIN!..T he calibration button on the fx-2 raidenfader was too "exposed" ...meaning that it was plopped right on the side panel so after you painstakingly "calibrated" it...if you packed it with you the button can be accidentally pushed while transporting the fader thus you would have to painstakingly calibrate again when assembling for your next "scratch" session,(s).but nevertheless, no joke of a fader also especially with the innofader "upgrade"...However again within this rant!...way more expensive than this surgeon's scalpel right here!...and never anyyyy "calibrating" or even charging!...plug and play and cut til your turntable's belt melts !..It'S A GREAT PORTABLE FADER for the portableists who obviously prefer the crossfader separate from the turntable of choice...(for more stability and less skipping than having the crossfader plopped on top of the turntable, AND YES who also prefer it to the "built" in faders of the turntable or the "built in faders you can assemble,thus like the JESSE DEAN series,and the innofader series replacements and even the CJ TORRES PORTABLE FADERS for the numark PT-01). and great chioce also for the "longer length" 45 mm. enthusiasts...BUT AGAIN ALL COMES DOWN TO PREFERENCE AS minor caveat with this fader...You may have to clean it more times than usual if and when it may get staticky or noisy...(there is a great you tube tutorial by cj scratch torres)...and when turn on you may experience a clicky noise when moving the fader,(this may occur each and every time you turn off and turn on...just move back and forth a few times it should subside...other than this psychotic rant... I would recommend as a simple, easy, significantly more affordable potableist fader's gem!...

Ceasar Z.
This Fader Fades them all!

Easy to install and fun to use!

Trenton C.
Dope Fader

It is a little light on the weight and because it's passive, it's clicky. But it slides smoothly and it gets the cutting up done, which is better than not. definitely happy with the purchase.

Pedro S.

Fast and great service!


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