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Battery Rack Adapter for Numark PT01 Series Turntable | Bihari Designs

World's first and only Easy Install Battery Rack for PT01 Scratch or PT01 USB.
No need to solder or cut any wire in your PT01. Just connect the Battery and drop it in your PT01. You are done!

No more d-cell batteries!
Protect the environment and save money!

Rack comes without battery pack, but you can buy it also from the webshop:
Battery Pack for PT01

6800 mAh capacity!!!
Use for a month with a single charge!
Works with PT01 USB, PT01 Scratch and Handy Trax.
Battery comes with EU plug, you can use with any US or UK adapters.

You need to turn on your battery pack while charging.
(Charging instructions comes with the battery pack)
Fully charged after 8 hours.

Do not use the original on/off switch on PT01. Just leave turned on.
Use the Battery Pack's switch every time to turn off the PT01.

Do not use the wall charger and the battery pack at the same time.
If you want to use the wall charger, please disconnect the battery pack first.

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