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Akai Professional MPC Key 61 Production Synthesizer and Sampler

Akai Professional MPC Key 61 Production Synthesizer


The Akai Professional MPC Key 61 elevates the MPC creative experience to new heights—in the form of a standalone production synthesizer keyboard. MPC Key 61 takes the MPC’s industry-standard sequencing, sampling and myriad of production tools to the next level with the most advanced virtual instruments and effects available. An all-new addition to the MPC, the 61-key semi-weighted keybed with aftertouch delivers a new level of creative interaction and expression. Fine-tune your sound with the vibrant 7" touchscreen and take your pick from 25 plug-in instrument engines with over 6,000 cutting-edge presets—sure to provide newfound creative inspiration for even the most seasoned players and producers. Get the most out of your studio setup, streamline your workflow and stay on the cutting edge of next-generation production gear with an Akai Professional MPC Key 61 standalone production synthesizer keyboard from Guitar Center.

MPC Key 61 Keybed

MPC Gets Its First Set of Keys

Everything about MPC Key 61 was engineered to breathe fresh imagination into the creative process. Keyboardists of all experience levels will find the familiar feel of the 61-key semi-weighted keybed maximizes the powerful synthesis features of the MPC. It’s packed with the most advanced MPC sound palette yet—including sound engines like deep FM synthesis with OPx4 and instruments like Stage Piano, Stage EP, Session Strings and Organ—giving you the keys to world-class sounds with dynamic responsive control. Another great way to take advantage of the expressiveness of the keybed is the Fabric XL synth, serving up an array of drone basses and lush, atmospheric pads to give your sound that undeniable X-factor.

MPC Key 61 Touchscreen

Experience Next-level MPC Workflow

For decades, MPC has built a steadfast reputation as a frontrunner in music creation workflow—the MPC Key 61 takes a giant leap forward with that legacy. A first for any production synthesizer, MPC Key 61 is loaded with modern vocal FX plug-ins that can also be used for sound design purposes. Akai Professional developed the MPC Key 61 to be a truly standalone production ecosystem, boasting the ability to record and mix vocals, utilizing its high-end onboard preamps and AIR Vocal Suite that caters to any genre. With up to 128 tracks of internal and external MIDI, Keygroup Instruments, Clip Launching and eight plug-in instruments and audio tracks, the sequencing workflow on the MPC Key 61 is unrivaled.

MPC Key 61 MPC Pads

Experiment and Fine-tune on a Beautifully Intuitive Interface

From the 7" touchscreen, MPC pads and Q-Links to the Touch Strip controller and dedicated pitch bend and modulation wheels, MPC Key 61 supercharges the best components from the classic MPCs to meet the infinite demands of modern production. Lending itself to the top-of-the-line sequencing features of the MPC, the vibrant touchscreen offers over 100 effects, including lush, spacious reverb and delay, modern- and vintage-style compressors and limiters, lo-fi effects such as Half-speed, Flavor and Amp Simulations. It’s also invaluable as a tool for editing notes on the drum grid, triggering Step Sequencer events, writing and editing automation and much more. Taking the award-winning MPC pads from the MPC One, the 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads work seamlessly with the onboard Time Correct, Swing, Quantize, Note Repeat and 16 Levels features to orchestrate and fine-tune rhythm with ease. Touch-capacitive Q-Link controls are assignable to virtually any parameter for endless possibilities, while the Touch Strip controller lets players bend, warp and manipulate synthesized sounds to their liking.

MPC Key 61 Keyboard

Built to be a Studio Centerpiece and a Standalone Powerhouse

MPC Key 61 is purpose-built to be the hub of production for any type of studio. As a 24-bit audio interface with high-quality preamps and AD/DA converters, and ability to connect up to 32 MIDI devices by USB with MIDI multi—up to 32 inputs and outputs—it’s a do-it-all production workhorse. It also sports eight CV/gate jacks, allowing for connections with modular gear in a cinch for DAW-less production. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities provide easy synchronization with Ableton Link and updating MPC OS firmware, while two USB-A ports and an additional SATA storage bay offer a plethora of expandable sounds and tracks. Two XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power and discrete gain knobs, two main outputs, two sub outputs and an additional headphone output make the MPC Key 61 a harmonious addition to any studio setup.

Powered by 4GB of RAM and hosting the MPC operating system, 32GB internal SD and renowned 16GB Factory Library, the MPC Key 61 is a capable creative production synthesizer on its own, or using the MPC2 platform as a DAW on Mac or PC—or with another DAW altogether, as a VST/AU plug-in. With the Akai Professional MPC Key 61, the creative production possibilities are boundless.

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