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Telemetry | Mr. Brown 7"

7” CNP025 “Telemetry (7 inch)” by Mr. Brown

My advice... think twice!

Mr. Brown is back in action at Cut & Paste Records with the 7” follow up to his 12” Telemetry release. This disc has been crafted as a versatile sample tool that can be used in a variety of situations. Whether you’re going in hard for a slick cut, blending butter smooth beats or getting creative as a looping artist, this plastic delivers the sound waves you crave.

The A side has been arranged at 83.33 BPM. You’ll find 5 x skipless vocal scratch loops, 1 x skipless drumtrack with drums from multiple kits, 1 x synths track with long sounds, 3 x skipless instrument loops, ending with a beautifully fuzzy tone for you to get busy with.

The B side is where the wonky glory lies... it contains the 5th instrumental track in the Telemetry series, completing the collection started with the 12” version. Mr Brown has been bringing you the drama for over 2 decades with lusciously slow & thick tracks, this instrumental beat encompasses his signature sound and will inspire smiles & squints once thumping out of your speakers.

Produced by Mr Brown, arranged by Symatic, mastered by D. Perez & pressed at The Vinyl Factory.

Customer Reviews

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Keith A.
Excellent in Formal Education

There aren’t many scratch tools that are suitable for turntablism in a primary or secondary classroom. This one however, is not only appropriate, but includes the classic “ahhh” and “fresh” that are necessary for fundamental scratching. I highly recommend Telemetry for all DJs.


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