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MWM Phase Essential Wireless DVS Controller

MWM Phase Essential Wireless DVS Control System

Thanks to patented technology, the innovative Phase Essential system takes DJ'n with digital vinyl systems to a whole new level. Eliminating issues with worn or damaged needles, vibrations or feedback from subwoofers, Phase Essential lets you DJ with your favorite DVS setup without the need for a cartridge or control vinyl. In fact, Phase’s advanced technology provides more effective and accurate control of your music than standard timecode control vinyl technology. Phase is nothing short of groundbreaking, ushering in a new era for Turntablists all over the world.


While MWM’s Phase Essential system sounds complicated, it’s actually surprisingly simple. Two small wireless remotes sit atop the vinyl on each turntable’s platter, secured by the spindle just like a 45 adapter or record stabilizer. The remotes capture the turntable’s rotation information and wirelessly send the data to a receiver, which plugs into the mixer. The receiver will then process the information and apply it to the digital signal it generates to send it to the DVS software running on a connected laptop. You use your DVS program—Serato, Traktor or rekordbox dj—to mix, scratch and perform other turntablism techniques like usual, with razor-sharp precision and no latency.

Phase provides the quality and convenience of digital DJ controllers, while maintaining the feel and accuracy of real turntables. Even the most minute rotation of the record is detected by the remotes and instantly sent to the software, offering a real-time audio control with unrivaled accuracy. This innovative technology guarantees seamless signal quality in any situation.

Once fully charged, Phase delivers up to 10 hours of use. As you’d expect of any piece of professional DJ gear, Phase is built tough to withstand rigorous use, boating robust, impact-resistant materials.


  • Includes two remotes
  • Compatible with any DVS software system
  • Wireless remotes provide up to 10 hours per charge
  • Greater accuracy than traditional DVS
  • Rugged build for professional use
Why use the MWM Phase system instead of a traditional control vinyl solution? One major reason is that Phase is completely resistant to needle feedback caused by rumble on a loud stage. Because Phase utilizes motion tracking instead of a traditional needle, it is not affected by excessive bass, rumble, stage vibrations, and so on.

Tracks your turntable movements with extreme accuracy

Using the Phase control system is easy — simply place the Phase transmitters atop your turntables, and Phase will track even the smallest movements of the turntable. A control signal is wirelessly transmitted (2.4GHz band) to the dock, which is connected to your DVS software via RCA cables. Spin and scratch your records all you want — Phase will track every movement with precision. DJs at Sweetwater are impressed with the responsive feel of the Phase control system, and we’re sure you will be too.

Use DVS without control vinyl — or a needle

Because Phase tracks the motion of your turntables and turns that into a control signal for your DVS software (like Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, Traktor, or rekordbox), you aren’t constrained to using specific control vinyl — any vinyl record will work with Phase. You don’t even need a needle, so you can also say goodbye to costly cartridge replacements in the long term.

MWM Phase Essential Wireless DVS Controller Features:
  • Wireless DVS system with 2 transmitters and 1 receiver/dock
  • Allows you to use DVS-compatible DJ software without control vinyl or a record needle
  • Transmitters sit atop your decks, precisely tracking turntable movement and sending that to your DVS software
  • Eliminates problems caused by rumble
  • Standard RCA connections connect the receiver/dock with your DVS system
  • 10-hour battery life per transmitter, approximatel

Customer Reviews

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Sid E.
DVS game changer

While it's been a few years since the Phase Essential has been out the latest updates made to allow a true wireless connection via Serato DJ Pro are a complete game changer. One you download the latest Phase firmware (along with having Serato DJ Pro 2.5 or greater), you no longer need RCA cables. Just plug in to your laptop and select wireless on both decks and your done. That simple...


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