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Machinedrum | DJ ie.Merg 12"

  Produced, arranged by 4x World Champion DJ ie.Merg.
A1 Hell No (Beat 1)
A2 Focus Your Ears (Scratch Sentence 1)
A3 Crime Reader (Beat 2)
A4 Midnite Juggle (Juggle Sentence 1)
A5 Music Makers (Scratch Sentence 2)
A6 Don't Ask Me (Beat 3)
A7 Brite Sour Octopus (Skipless Beat 2)
B1 Get It! (Beat 4)
B2 Kill You Delf (Scratch Sentence 3)
B3 Jigga Why? (Beat 5)
B4 Juggles From The Vault (Juggle Sentence 2)
B5 At Ease (Scratch Sentence 4)
B6 808 Wonders Of The World (Beat 6)
B7 Docta Obvious (Skipless Beat 2)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
paul p.d.
this right here severely underrated tableist treasure!

In my semblance of some sort of "input",9and again as if you would give a flip!), this right here I think is a severely underrated tableist treasure incorporating a lottt of versatility and array of technique! From the superb daisey chained phrasing of not so mundane ,esoteric scratch samples to the superbly well daisey chaned drums and "fills" and great flowing "interludes" which would account for hours of different "twists and turns" and change's very well put together with great flow!. The drum sounds alone make one want to just beat and drum scratch for hours,let alone juggle..Personally if i just went into battling with just 2 copies of these I would most definitely be disqualified for taking wayyy tooo long! This release comes closest to and is by far up there neck and neck to the likes of the grooveist satyre as far as great synth stabs and drum sounds ,patterns, loops, scratch sentences effects and effected samples, unconventional, non esoteric scratch samples, superbly coordinated daisey chained loops and fills and great drums on both sides that would no doubt up your drum scratching a thousand fold as well as your juggling. I myself would never get tired of a superb scratch tool like this!..This also further reinforces why dj I EMERGE not only won countless guitar center battles and the battle for world supremecty ,(dmc), 5 times...and umm defeated me in a guitar center battle in the early 2000's ! OH SHUT UP!! BWAA!

Ellis V.
Good price

Perfect for beat juggling practice. I grabbed two.


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