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JDDPTA PCB TONE ARM KIT | Numark PT-01 Series Turntable



JDDPTA PCB installation guide by Jesse Dean Designs.

JDDPTA-PCB TONE ARM KIT for Numark PT-01 USB/Scratch series turntables

Compatible with:
Shure M44-7
Ortofon OM style
Reloop OM GT

FR4 fiberboard with built in LED stylus light.
ABS molded gimbal.
Adjustable brass counter weight.
Available in red, white, and black.
Package includes preamp and easy no solder installation kit.
Easy Installation!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ian W.
Sounds like dog balls

I bought this kit because the stock cartridge on the Numark PT01 sounds like it’s playing through a glass of water. Read some solid reviews on this tone arm kit, so I I bought it, installed it without any issues, added an Audio Technica cartridge, and it sounds like crap. Straight crap. Watery, muddy, just bad. The “preamp” does nothing in the way of providing a line level signal, so I’m not even sure why it has the name “preamp” designated to it. Switching between phono and Bluetooth on my powered speakers, Bluetooth sounds 1000x better than my phono signal. If anyone wants a crap turntable with crap mods, I’ll cut ya a hot deal; but fair warning- it sounds like…crap.

Kira D.
Easy peasy!

I've never used a turntable before, let alone ever opened one up, and I was able to update all the parts from this kit using the YouTube walk through video with no issues. Also did mine on an Ion model, not the Numark. Works great and no problem at all! I am impressed and grateful for the video. :)

T. H.
Works great once installed correctly

It is not a difficult mod, but due to the nature of it, one has to fiddle quite a bit to get the thin audio channel wires coming from the tone arm connected well. If you happen to only have audio on one channel, make sure to check those wires and connections first.
This kit seems to be an updated version since the mounting holes on my tone arm allow for cartridge alignment which is a plus.

Also, I could not mount all of the parts exactly like described and had to be a bit inventive, but that maybe down to a revision of the Numark itself.

Overall I am pleased. Time will tell if this mod holds up well, but I am confident it will.

Ceasar Z.

The tone arm kit was a blessing. Fantastic if you own a PT-01.


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