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Improvise Wisely | Redmist 7"

7″ CNP011 “Redmist – Improvise Wisely”

South American producer Redmist’s name is synonymous with jazzy scratch loops and heavy basslines within the global scratch scene. As a follow up to his first release with Cut & Paste Records, Redmist’s “Improvise Wisely” is now available formatted for 7″, including some new lock-groove tones on each side.

The drum loops on each side have been re-arranged as a mixture of 2 drum loops from the original record in skipless format. This arrangement allows for new funky drum combos, all in a skipless format.

Arranged by Redmist & Symatic

Side A : 83.33 BPM

Tracks 1-3: Vocal Skipless Samples Title: 7″ Improvise Wisely
Tracks 4-6: Guitars
Track 7: Skipless Drums Label Name: Cut & Paste Records
Tracks: 8-9: Bass
Track 10: Tone

Side B : 83.33 BPM

Tracks 1-3: Vocal Skipless Samples
Tracks 4-6: Keys and brass
Track 7: Skipless Drums
Tracks: 8-9: Bass
Track 10: Tone

Cover art by Redmist, Mastered by Daniel Perez



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