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Flexicuts Vol. 1 - 6 | DJ Woody 7"


Back by popular demand, the hugely popular and unique ’Flexicuts’ flexi disc scratch tool series is back and it's been working out!

DJ Woody has remixed, rearranged and refined the Flexicuts series with only the most addictive samples and phrases making the 'cut'. Now for the first time all 6 Flexicuts are available in one ultra portable, super fun and flexible scratch bundle!

Each single sided Flexi contains 6 essential skip proof tracks.

6 different Flexi Disc to choose from.

• Flexicuts Vol. 1 (Remixed) - Red Flexi Disc

• Flexicuts Vol. 2 (Remixed) - Yellow Flexi Disc

• Flexicuts Vol. 3 (Remixed) - Green Flexi Disc

• Flexicuts Vol. 4 (Remixed) - Blue Flexi Disc

• Flexicuts Vol. 5 (Remixed) - Orange Flexi Disc

• Flexicuts Vol. 6 - Clear Flexi Disc


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