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Improvise Wisley | Redmist 12"



12” CNP009 “Redmist – Improvise Wisely”

Redmist has repped hard for the South American turntablist scene with various musical collaborations, beat loopers and scratch compositions that stand out for their musical maturity, executed with surgical prescision.

Primarily aimed at users of Ultrapitch turntables with +/-50% pitch, a lot of care was taken in the sample selection and the mastering process to ensure the record is as functional as possible on any setup.

Both sides end with tuned lock-grooves, for endless tone-play, and the whole record follows a Jazz-inspired theme both stylistically and in terms of the scales used.

Combine this with a loop-pedal, or use multiple copies and multiple DJs and within moments you will have the makings of new improvised tracks!

Side A:

Tracks 1-6: Vocal Skipelss Samples Tracks
Tracks 7-12: Skipless Drums Tracks
Tracks 13-18: Bass

Tracks 1-6: Guitars
Tracks 7-12: Keys and Brass Tracks 13-18: Drums
Tracks 19-22: Bass

Cover art by Redmist

Mastered by Daniel Perez


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