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Try to Step | Oslo Flow 12"

12” CNP018 “Try To Step” by Oslo Flow / Alx Plato

The first skratch tool by a member of Oslo Flow, the underground legends from Norway with a reputation for skillful, fast-paced cuts and outstanding style. In the words of Skratchlord Manipulate… “Their style is pretty unique, they do the stuff that everyone wants to do but can’t do… because they can’t sound like them! They’re origi-rigi-nal!”

“Try To Step” side A takes you on a journey of funk with 4 instrumental tracks that ride the sweet spot between loose flow and pristine perfection. Enough space to drop fader clicks galore, packed with a range of texured drums and rhythms drawing from Alx’s multi-instrumentalist skills. In his own words: “The beats are all produced to enhance the skratchers inner funk”!

The B side is laced with the deadly dirt that keeps us up late at night destroying faders. Starting off with 10 vocal loops, configured at 166.66bpm (compatible with regular and unltrapitch turntables) that will have you flowin’ like water from the Nile. These are followed by 4 banging skipless drum loops and a fat lock-groove synth-tone to get clever with.

Side A:
1: Bad Break
2: Doctor Orders Ice
3: Massive Exhale
4: Crawl
5: Empty Stum

Side B:



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