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Teenage Engineering TX-6 Pro Audio Field Mixer


TEENAGE ENGINEERING TX-6 Battery Powered Portable Mixer.

Create inspiring mixes anywhere with Teenage Engineering's TX-6, a portable six-channel stereo mixer featuring loads of I/O, impressive functionality, and abundant connectivity going well beyond what you'd find on a typical mixer. TX-6's interfacing presents the ease of simplicity as well as the power of fully-fledged mixers, sporting six stereo minijack inputs for plenty of signal processing as well as a beautiful front-facing layout of faders and multiple knobs per channel. All channels sum down to a stereo pair main output with dedicated level control, but two extra stereo outputs provide opportunities for external processing as well as making sub mixes for other sources, such as portable recorders or cameras.

Dictated and handled by the compact yet legible OLED screen, TX-6 offers onboard DSP for creating dynamic and spatial mixes tailored to detail and precision. Easily carve out spaces for each input with the three-band EQ and dual filters while taming dynamics with the built-in compressor and limiters. The dual stereo multi-effects units provide loads of fun for creating complex stereo imaging and spatialization throughout your mix. Additional performative functionality include a crossfader mode for DJ-style mixing as well as MIDI control over any device via the USB port or over Bluetooth LE.

On top of MIDI control, the USB-C port also acts as the rechargeable power port, with the internal battery supporting up to 8 hours of performability. TX-6 can also serve as a powerful audio-interface—record and transfer high-fidelity audio to and from your computer or even your iPhone, supporting up to 12 channels of 32-bit audio. Best of all, the comfortable yet rugged design of all-metal encasing makes the TX-6 quite powerful and reliable for traveling. Including an onboard synth and sequencer for extra creativity on the go, the TX-6 is an all-in-one production and mixing machine for creativity on the fly.


  • Portable stereo mixer and audio interface
  • Compact design for maximum portability and simplicity
  • Six minijack inputs and three minijack outputs for a variety of mixing and distribution
  • Supports six stereo channels or 12 mono channels
  • Onboard dynamics effects including three-band EQ, low-pass & high-pass filter, compressor, and limiter
  • Two stereo multi-effect units
  • Crossfader for DJ-style and sectional mixing
  • Can act as a MIDI controller over USB-C or Bluetooth LE
  • 32-bit, 12-channel USB-C audio interface compatible with iOS
  • Up to 8 hours of performance via the onboard rechargeable battery
  • Built-in synthesizer and sequencer for extra performance capabilities
  • Built-in tuner



  • Analog inputs: 6x 3.5mm TRS stereo
  • Analog outputs: 3x 3.5mm TRS stereo
  • MIDI I/O: USB-C and Bluetooth LE
  • OLED resolution: 64 x 48 pixels
  • OS compatibility: iOS
  • Dimensions: 62mm x 23mm x 102mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 145g
  • Power: USB-C 8 hour rechargeable battery

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