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7″ Vinyl – Moschops – Skratch Fossils 7″ (CNP017)

It’s the ways of the underground…

The 7” version of “Skratch Fossils” is now ready to hit portable platters around the globe! Moschops is the intrepid commander of Synapsid Studios where he is kept busy as a scholar and a teacher in the arts of sampling and recording. Keeping skratching and music-making fun is of the greatest importance to this lifelong beat creator. You can expect a fun and intuitively easy-to-use skratch tool within these ancient grooves.

On the A side you will find 7 skip-proof tracks built from a large range of styles. From hip-hop to rave tunes with no shortage of lasers, bass and breaks galore… this tool will keep the creative wax wiggler busy for days! The B side has a similar format of 7 skip-proof tracks with audio treasures hidden in-between the loops, ensuring the highest amount of original content possible into your productions and cuts!.

The original artwork for the cover was created by Tops from Milton Keynes, UK.


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