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DJ Woody describes his new record ’Scratch Wax’ on the back cover:

“People told me they thought Ear Wax & Repetitive Scratch Injury were wicked, so i thought it’d be dead cool to take all the best bits of those, add some new stuff, remix it all at 133 bpm & create Woodwurk’s first ever ultra-pitch scratch record! To make it extra fun we pressed it on 10”. We think it’s pretty ace, hope you do too! Happy Scratching!!!”

Each side of ‘Scratch Wax’ contains 8 skip-proof scratch phrases followed by the full sentence and then a lock groove. Side 1 focuses on multi-syllabic vocal phrases, using a uniform structure where the first 270 degrees of rotation provide rapid fire on-beat vocals and last 90 degrees provides a longer sample to jam with.

Side 2 is ideal for looser freestyle cutting. Woody again devises a uniform structure, this time with the first 180 degrees offering an ‘Ahhh’ or original ’Ahhh’ alternative, the next 90 degrees is a vocal cut, the last 90 degrees provides a classic ’Fresh’ or original ‘Fresh’ equivalent.

What results is an extremely versatile, fun, easy to use and completely addictive scratch record that is must-have for both novice and advanced training sessions as well as freestyle jams and battles.

• 10” black vinyl

• 16 skip-proof ultra pitch scratch phrases

• 2 full scratch sentences

• 2 lock grooves

• Perfect for practice, jams and battles

• Artwork by Mark ‘Fos’ Foster

Customer Reviews

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David B.
Favorite Record Of the Moment.

Amazing. It’s got a dozen different variations of ahhhs and freshes that all sound fantastic. Vocal snips are dope. Bought 2 copies, cause I’m going to fuzz out every sample on here quick. 👍🏼


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