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Following the HIT and quick sold out release of 「KAMIKAZE SEVEN」, DJ Shin releases his second 7″

A specialized 7″ like his 12″ battle records, he has customized 5 scratch sentences to line up in sequence for quick access.

The contents on this record is unlike and newly refreshed from the 12″ Samurai version, so expect some new tricks up yo sleeve!
Our good friend $hin has been showing some good stuff from Japan and representing West Japan, he brings another project full of flavor, dope sentence selection and something to keep you scratching for days.
Also his expertise banded up with the STOKYO Japan team bring you a balanced and properly mastered, audio output record made for portablists!

Also in Black Vinyl, in all honesty, the best to cut with.

Another must for all you 7″ collectors, grab this one now before they are gone!


SIDE 鶴(A): Skip Proof Scratch Contents
1. Ahh Yo Yeah Fresh
2. Get Down Go
3. Kut Like That
4. Rock Da Beat
5. Like This
6. Butas

SIDE亀(B): Skip Proof Scratch Contents
1. Ahh Skratches Fresh
2. Hardcore Kuts
3. Get Funky Fresh
4. Wassup Punk
5. Get Down
6. Funky Drum



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