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Power Up | Leighton Harris 12"

12″ Vinyl – Leighton Harris – Power Up (LH003)


The A side rolls in hard with 20 skip-proof tracks for DJs to get busy with in practice sessions or in battle mode. The B side consists of themed tracks, with samples being grouped by similarities. All samples and loops are arranged to work with regular turntables with +/- 8% pitch. As with previous releases there are plenty of hidden “easter eggs” to be found buried between the skipless tracks.

Each 12” record has been pressed onto black vinyl and is sleeved in a gatefold album cover that pays tribute to Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers “Ghost House” flipped for tablists. Every 1 in 5 copies of this release has a bonus 12” pressed onto golden vinyl included with the regular black version. The magical bonus golden phonograph cannot be selected, they are presented at random.

The Vinyl Factory etching department is run by Leighton Harris, and he has included detailed etched artwork around the label on the disc, perfectly lined up with the skipless sounds in the grooves to act as a cuing aid while looking incredible. “Power Up” is a 12” masterpiece through and trough that is a must have for any serious battle DJ and collector of scratch records.


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