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Brik A Breaks Vol. 1 | Dj Troubl 12"

By Dj Troubl

A1 You Know My Fuckin Name (Beat 1)

A2 Scratch Sentence

A3 We Just Wanna Cut Cut It Fresh Fresh (Skipless Sound)

A4 Day Dream (Beat 2)

A5 Scratch Sentence 2

A6 You A Motha Fuckin Thug Bip Bip Ahh (Skipless Sound)

A7 Here We Go (Beat 3)

B1 Guerilla (Beat 4)

B2 Scratch Sentence 3

B3 I Break It Down Pshit Woo Eh Oh (Skipless Sound)

B4 My Hoover (Beat 5)

B5 Scratch Sentence 4

B6 Hit Boom Clap Fake Break It Down (Skipless Sound/Drums)

B7 Heavy (Beat 6)



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