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Arcade Button Mod: Vestax Handy trax


This Kit is designed for both the Vestax Handytrax Non-USB or USB. The Kit is configured to go inline between the Motor and Circuit Board. Soldering iron is not needed for this installation.


  1. Drill / Electrical drill
  2. Step drill bit
  3. Dremel (Optional)
  4. Wire Stripper that supports 22 awg and up
  5. Pliers
  6. Electrical tape


Flip the turntable over to rest it on the top cover and remove the 8 screws on the bottom using a philips screw drivers or an electric drill with a philips drill bit for faster access.


De-solder the existing on/off switch from the bottom of the board. There’s 3 solder points you’ll have to de-solder. Using a de-soldering tool will help but it is not required.


Unscrew the 2 screws attached to the board.


Using a pair of pliers pull off the on/off switch from the front of the board.


Screw the board back on using a philips screw driver. Note: Be-careful to not over screw. It is possible for you to screw through the turntable in this area.


Flip Turntable around and select a location to install your Arcade button. With the Vestax Handy trax there’s only 2 areas to install the button at. The recommended area to install the button at is in the photo. After choosing the location drill a hole using a Drill and 1 1/8 step drill bit or dremel.


Check to see if the Arcade button fits perfectly in the hole. If not continue to carefully drill the hole until the button fits snug inside the hole.


Flip turntable around and solder the white wire from the Arcade button onto the left solder point of the board. And take the blue wire and solder it to the right solder point on the board.


Take a piece of electrical tape and tape down any excess wire laying around.


Flip your turntable to the fixed position, plug into power or insert batteries and test your new start/stop button.


Once you have finished testing, reinstall all screws from step 1. Additional notes - (Disregard the 3rd wire attached to the Arcade button. It’s a smaller wire with electrical tape attached to the end. The wire is used for grounding purposes. If you ever run into any ground issues this wire will be used as a back-up solution to any ground issues you might run into in the future.


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