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GPD Mico PC Mini Laptop

Its 6” high definition (HD) wide color gamut (WCG) screen, with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 has a vividly colorful, natural, smooth and visible effect.
With the 178° view, users can obtain an excellent visual experience at any angle.
With 1280×720 resolution and 3000: 1 static contrast, it displays dedicate and bright colors.
The rotatable axis supports stepless adjustment for the maximum stretch of 150°.

Integrated qwerty keyboard, touchpad and 3D mouse

A qwerty keyboard, touchpad, and 3D mouse are integrated into the C face, which is only 15×9cm in size. The metallic film button is wedge-shaped designed, which is more ergonomic and provides an excellent experience for finger pressing.
The qwerty keyboard is backlit to meet the emergency needs at night, or in no light or dim light.
The keyboard layout is more reasonable. You may complete all operations with your left thumb in case of only number inputs.
MicroPC has a built-in touchpad with a larger operable area, while also supporting the left and right buttons of the touchpad. In this way, the cursor is slide more accurately through right thumb.
The upper left corner of the C face is the left, middle, and right mouse buttons, with an appropriate width to assure an unfettered operation.
The power key is recessed to avoid accidental touch. It is extremely convenient to turn on or off the machine by holding it in the left hand.
The fan switch is centered, and the Off and On states are clearly identifiable.


Two copper nuts embedded on the back

Two copper nuts (suitable for 2.5mm-diameter screws) are embedded on the back for fixing the machine in various complex environments. You can attach it to any rotatable hanger, stand, lift, tray, bracket, etc.


RS-232 interface

The RS-232 serial port is widely used in industrial instrumentation, mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. Or go to RS-485 from RS-232 to achieve the data communication at 1200m and 100Kbps.

One microSDXC slot

The microSDXC slot carries the microSDXC card that is UHS-I bus, Class 10 standard, U2 grade and A1 specification, supporting the minimum random read and write I/O performance up to 1500 IOPS / 500 IOPS, the maximum data transfer at 104MB/s, and the expandable storage space up to 2TB.



GPD Micro PC use Intel 8th Gemini Laks N4120 Embedded processer, reduced package size.
TDP of CPU raise to 10W,  compare with 4415y(Microsoft Surface Go), a few advantage in single-core test but a number of advantage in multi core test.
Compared to the 4415Y in the seventh-generation Kaby Lake architecture, N4120 in the eighth-generation Goldmont+ architecture boosts the CPU cache to 4MB, while 4415Y is only 2MB, which means the data execution time of N4120 is much lower than 4415Y.

Intel® 9.5 GPU, the ideal home theater

CPU Mark Rating: As of 18th of December 2018 - Higher results represent better performance.
CPU Single Thread Rating: As of 18th of December 2018 - Higher results represent better performance.
CPU Value (CPU Mark / $Price): As of 18th of December 2018 - Higher results represent better value.



The N4120 processor has a reference frequency of 1.10 GHz and a pulse frequency of 2.6 GHz, while 4415Y only supports a reference frequency of 1.6 GHz and no turbo frequency acceleration. In terms of overall performance, N4120 is better than 4415Y.

MicroPC uses 9.5-generation Intel® UHD Graphics 600, supports operating frequency up to 700MHz, and increases the bandwidth by 33% over the previous generation. It supports 10-bit 4K VP9 film decoding, while the thermally-designed power consumption is only 6W, which can be called as a low-power decoder, and ideal for home theater personal computer (HTPC) and game console. The output of 4K×2K/60p HD video is available via HDMI 2.0 interface.


DDR4 vs DDR3

Compared to Microsoft Surface Go's built-in LPDDR3, MicroPC is paired with high-frequency LPDDR4. Although it is a single-channel design, the indicators of read, write, and copy are not weak.

Comparison of SSD read/write speed

MicroPC's built-in M.2 interface, together with the standard 128GB SSD for M.2 2242 interface, can expand the large-capacity SSD infinitely. The hard disk is tested with CrystalDiskMark for continuous reading and writing, and the result shows 576MB/s read rate and 465MB/s written rate. Its write rate is obviously higher than the Microsoft Surface Go 64GB and 128GB versions. Additionally, the read / write speed of MicroPC is more balanced while the write speed of Microsoft Surface Go is evidently lower.

Extensible for more peripherals

Three USB 3.0 interfaces and one Micro SD slot support up to 4 external storage devices and infinite storage. It is possible to extend more peripherals through the Hub.



Customer Reviews

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Christian M.
Not yet received

Haven’t received the unit yet

patrick M.
I love it!!

The computer is nice—open formats customer service and the way the run their business is just as great. Open formats Service is amazing and their products are top notch.


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