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Disintegration | Cut & Paste Records 12"

12" Vinyl - Joey FDH - "Disintegration" (CNP026)

Cut & Paste Recordsare proud to present this 12” of colossal electro from Swedish producer Joey FDH. Featuring two epic tracks on one side and DJ tools on the flip, the format provides heavyweight dancefloor fodder and original skratch sounds to land a knockout punch.

Joey FDH caught our ear with her now-infamous “Beats For Skratching” series on Youtube – hard beats with inspired visuals which gave a much needed twist to the idea of scratch loopers as practice material for turntablists. Digging into her archives of Electro and experimental Beats leads to a seemingly endless supply of music which spans a whole range of tempos and approaches, while maintaining Joey's unique personality and attitude. It wasn't long before her beats were regular features in performances from label-regulars like Skratchlords and Jimmy Penguin, who also started providing mastering services on many of Joey's releases.

“Disintegration” was created in 2017, and appeared on Joey's youtube channel accompanied by a dark animated video, and struck a nerve when she included it in her set at Community Skratch Games in Galway in 2018. The track was then nearly lost on dead hard drive, but was miraculously recovered which tipped the balance and Joey decided to send the track to be mixed and mastered by Michael Deva at Aldebaran in Italy to really give it a new lease of life.

Meanwhile an updated music video concept was developed by Kano from Chile. Inspired by Põrgu (Hell), by Estonian animator Rein Raamat which in turn combined ideas from Eduard Viiralt''s older etched artworks from the early 1930s, there was already a strong theme of the darkest elements of human nature. Kano tells the story of the destruction of the Selk'nam people, which took place at the time of Viirault's haunting observations.

Side A showcases two electro tracks, Disintegration and Junction 3, building from deep hellish landscapes and rising to high energy dancefloor destruction. Joey FDH's signature sound lends itself as much to intense DJ performance as it does to foundational setlist curation.

For Side B Joey dug out samples and sound effects from her library that were edited into skipless loops for skratching by Symatic from Cut & Paste Records. Following a 4/4 pattern at a similar BPM to the Electro beats on Side A, the audio tools are suited to regular and ultrapitch turntables. The side ends with a locked-groove reprise of the Disintegration beat, which will itself disintegrate over time the longer it is played.

Artwork by Joey FDH

Side A:
Track 1: Disintegration
Track 2: Junction 3

Side B:
Skipless Skratch Samples
Disintegration (locked groove)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Another great scratch record from the C&P crew

What can I say? This is a great scratch record. The sentences are cool and fun to scratch with nice room for the "ghost click" between the scratch samples. The beats on one side are cool and fast but you can also slow them down or speed them up to your liking. The vinyl itself feels good under the hand and it's easy to manipulate the vinyl. The sounds are nice and clear and the record was mastered very well which is pretty much standard with the Cut and Paste records. The beats are very eclectic and out of the ordinary. I could definitely see buying doubles of the record so you can scratch the samples with the beats on the other deck. I'm very happy with my purchase and as usual Openformat delivered nice and quick. Be careful if your mail carrier leaves your records/packages in a locked box as it's hot this summer and the vinyl may get warped. My mail carrier is bright enough to know to leave my records at my front door when she sees it's a vinyl type package. 5 stars all around for this one!


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